Happy Healing – The Balto No-Lick Dog Brace

The classic Elizabethan collars historically provided for your dog to help prevent biting, scratching, aggravating a hot spot, tearing out stitches or removing dressings are clumsy, uncomfortable and have poor visibility. Whilst some dogs seem happy enough with the weighted plastic and restricted vision, most will do anything to try and get them off. They want to play, sleep, eat and drink happily and stress free, post injury or surgery, and they welcome the far more comfortable alternative.

Elizabethan collar

The Balto No-Lick Brace has been designed as an alternative to the “cone of shame”, and it provides extra comfort and utility without the bulkiness. This allows the dog to eat, see and behave normally whilst protecting any wounds or stitches by preventing dogs licking or biting the chest, abdomen and flanks, and making it difficult to access the front legs, elbow and perianal areas. Made of black, padded and breathable material, they are hand washable and are easy to put on.

Orthopaedic Neck Brace
If your dog is suffering from more serious neck problems, the Orthopaedic Neck Brace is designed to also help dogs with problems with their cervical vertebrae, crushed vertebrae, neurological issues, post-operative recovery and hernias. This neck brace is highly supportive and adjustable to fit all dog breeds.
See the youtube.com clip to watch the braces in action.
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