Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots

With temperatures plummeting and icy conditions persisting, we are not the only ones feeling the cold. Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots protect your dog’s sensitive paws from ice, snow, salt and street chemicals which can be tough for them to bear. Completely waterproof, reusable and disposable, these boots are made of natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. Pawz Dog Boots is the most natural feeling boot because without padding, your dog will feel the ground as normal. They slip on like socks and allow full motion and maximum comfort.

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They won’t go to waste in the summer months, providing valuable protection against burning pavements and sand, too!

Available in Black, Pawz boots come in a variety of sizes – see website for details.

If your dog has already suffered in the elements and is needing some relief, then it is MAX WAX to the rescue! To protect against snow balling, chemical burns from snow melt or simply to relieve the ache of pounding pavements, paths, lawns and trails, this 100% all natural wax is made from human grade bees wax, lanolin & vitamin E both moisterising dry/cracked pads and protecting them from further damage.