Protective Dog Boots: How to Choose the Correct Boots for Your Dog

Protective Dog Boots: How to Choose the Correct Boots for Your Dog

For many of us the use of protective dog boot could be seen as nothing more than a fashion accessory for your dog, but more experienced dog owners know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Protective dog boots can offer many benefits to dogs, such as protection in both hot and cold weather conditions, aiding dogs with ailments and assisting in recovery after injury, but there are some factors that you need to consider before making an investment in protective dog boots.

Measuring Your Dog for Protect Dog Boots: The Correct Method

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing protective boots for your dog is the size. Simply guessing could mean that the boots don’t stay on your dog, or are uncomfortable while being worn.

Using the following method will ensure that you’re able to choose dog boots that are comfortable and practical.

Place the dogs paw on a blank piece of paper while standing (weight bearing) and mark the front and back of the paw. The same process is then used on the other paw. This will ensure that a more exact measurement can be achieved.

Working out the correct  size of the boots shouldn’t take too long and will ensure that you and your pet are getting the maximum benefit from the protective boots you use.

Purchasing the Right Type of Boot

When purchasing dog boots, it’s understandable that many want to save money in the process. However, you shouldn’t focus on the price alone, as this could mean that the dog boots you end up purchasing are of an inferior quality, and may not benefit your dog.

Using the experience of a dog’s health store such as Zoomadog, ensures that you are given the choice of several type of protective dog boots without having to spend a small fortune.

If your dog has recently incurred an injury and you’re searching for boots to aid the healing process, then you may benefit from the Walker Comfort Care Boots that offer a lightweight protection to the paw, comfy fleece padding. These will help your dogs paw heal while reducing the risk of infection.

The Therapaw dog boot is perfect for Greyhounds and whippets, and help woulds, corns and split pads recover much faster.

Similarly, if your dog is prone to dragging their paws then why not opt for the Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot.

Taking the time out to ensure that the boots you’re buying are the correct size and type, means that your dog can recover from any injuries faster as well as preventing re-injury after recovery.

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