Trixie Walker Comfort Care protective boots for Dogs

The Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots are amongst the most comfortable we have seen. They are made from fleece lined water resistant nylon with a vinyl back sole. The reflective velcro fastener ensures a secure fit and provides added safety during low light conditions.

In addition, these boots provide wound protection and support the paw during short walks on soft and hard surfaces. They are suitable for all weather conditions.

Trixie Walker Comfort Care protective boots is made of hard-wearing neoprene, with artificial leather back and sole. Supports rapid healing of paw injuries.

  • soft shell material
  • with vinyl back and sole
  • padded with soft fleece
  • especially good fit due to an extra cuff
  • support rapid healing of paw injuries
  • reduce the risk of infection
  • with Velcro and reflective stripe
  • colour: black


  • Supports healing of paw injuries
  • Comfort for sore or injured paws
  • Post-operative care
  • Reduces the risk of infection of open wounds
  • Soft shell material
  • Padded inside with a soft fleece lining
  • Extra elastic cuffing at the top to ensure a good fit
  • Velcro closure
  • Reflective strips on the side
  • Artificial leather vinyl back and sole

To measure:

  • Place a piece of paper on a hard floor surface.
  • Have your dog stand and bear weight with the affected paw on the piece of paper.
  • Trace around the outline of the paw, keeping the pen vertical and in continuous contact with the paw.
  • Determine the Paw Width by measuring the paw tracing at its widest point.
  • Determine the Paw Length by measuring the paw tracing at its longest point to the tip of the nails.
Size Paw Length Paw Width
XS 2.4″ / 6cm 2.4″ / 6cm
S 2.75″ / 7cm 2.75″ / 7cm
M 3.15″ / 8cm 3.15″ / 8cm
L 3.95″ / 10cm 3.55″ / 9cm
XL 4.3″ / 11cm 3.55″ / 9cm
XXL 5.5″ / 14cm 3.95″ / 10cm
XXXL 5.9″ / 15cm 4.7″ / 12cm
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These boots come in a pack of 2.
If your dog needs a medical grade protective boot or larger sizes, please see Therapaw Boots.
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