Orthodog Hock Holder (Light Support)

Orthodog Hock Holder (Light Support)
Orthodog Hock Holder (Light Support)
Orthodog Hock Holder (Light Support)

The Orthodog hock support is a lightweight neoprene product which offers moderate support to the dogs hock joint. This support is designed to fit the natural angle of the hock to prevent it from hyper extending. This neoprene wrap also supports the joint medially and laterally allowing your dog to move more easily and without as much strain on the joint. 

If you need a stronger support for the hock, have a look at our Tarso Flex X Wrap.

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  • Weak hock
  • Painful walking, limping after exercise
  • Light support for the hock joint
  • Hock hyper-extension

  • 3mm thick plush neoprene wrap
  • Secured with velcro, highly adjustable
  • Fits the natural shape of the hock
  • Allows natural movement



To measure your dog, put a soft tape measure around the leg to measure the circumference and the height of the wrap given below should cover the affected hock area.

These are secured by velcro, so the circumference is highly adjustable but the height is fixed.


Size            Circumference around the leg      Height of the wrap      
Small 2.5" / 6.35cm 2" / 5cm
Medium 6" / 15.3cm 3" / 7.6cm
Large 8" / 20.3cm 5" / 12.7cm

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