Walker Comfort Care Boots

Walker Comfort Care Boots
Walker Comfort Care Boots
Walker Comfort Care Boots
Trixie Walker Comfort Care protective boots is made of hard-wearing neoprene, with artificial leather back and sole. Supports rapid healing of paw injuries. 

  • soft shell material 
  • with vinyl back and sole 
  • padded with soft fleece 
  • especially good fit due to an extra cuff 
  • support rapid healing of paw injuries 
  • reduce the risk of infection 
  • with Velcro and reflective stripe 
  • colour: black 

These boots come in a pack of 2.

If your dog needs a medical grade protective boot or larger sizes, please see Therapaw Boots.

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  • Supports healing of paw injuries
  • Comfort for sore or injured paws
  • Post-operative care
  • Reduces the risk of infection of open wounds
  • Soft shell material
  • Padded inside with a soft fleece lining
  • Extra elastic cuffing at the top to ensure a good fit
  • Velcro closure
  • Reflective strips on the side
  • Artificial leather vinyl back and sole

To measure:

  • Place a piece of paper on a hard floor surface.
  • Have your dog stand and bear weight with the affected paw on the piece of paper.
  • Trace around the outline of the paw, keeping the pen vertical and in continuous contact with the paw.
  • Determine the Paw Width by measuring the paw tracing at its widest point.
  • Determine the Paw Length by measuring the paw tracing at its longest point to the tip of the nails.


Paw Length

Paw Width

XS 2.4" / 6cm 2.4" / 6cm
S 2.75" / 7cm 2.75" / 7cm
M 3.15" / 8cm 3.15" / 8cm
L 3.95" / 10cm
3.55" / 9cm
XL 4.3" / 11cm 3.55" / 9cm
XXL 5.5" / 14cm 3.95" / 10cm
XXXL 5.9" / 15cm 4.7" / 12cm

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