Performance Knee Brace for Dogs

Introducing the new Performance Knee Brace for Dogs

Until now all of our canine cruciate braces have had a lot of straps to hold the brace in place, including a long strap attaching to a front harness to stabilise the product. The Performance knee brace for dogs brings us a new type of design, that supports itself and simplifies the process of fitting, creating a much simpler solution without the price tag of a custom made dog knee brace.

What makes this brace so unique is that it has customizable straps, magnetic fasteners for easy on/off, high quality motion hinges, and cushioning triple layered foam. Your dog will be able to recover confidently with a knee brace that has strong support, yet light on the limbs.


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    • Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) Ligament Tear or Rupture (Most Common use)
    • CCL or Collateral Ligament sprains
    • Post-Surgical and/or post injury recovery
    • Wound management
    • Dog Knee (Stifle) Arthritis
    • Ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue injuries and fractures

      • An orthopedic-style dog knee brace that provides stabilization and protection following CCL surgery
      • Provides active support during rehabilitation following injury or surgery
      • Can be used as an alternative to CCL Surgery, allowing your dog’s knee to heal on its own
      • Decrease overall healing time and decreases cost
      • Allows your dog to return to improved activity level and near normal joint function
      • Allows easier wound inspection
      • Can be used to prevent injuries by relieving stress on the weight bearing uninjured leg. Typically after an injury, your dog will place more weight on the sound leg putting it more at risk for injury. 
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